Shailesh Welcomes You

Shailesh TripathiAbout Shailesh : He is a tech blogger from India. His passion about internet technology and web resources inspired him to be a serial entrepreneur among groups of popular and dedicated bloggers, marketers, web designers, affiliates and social media pro.

Apart from blogging and social media skills, he love to have travel, fun and party with friends. Shailesh is very quick to respond your questions and comments.

Shailesh has developed and started a few serving websites over his internet journey to be a entrepreneur.

Shailesh Tripathi


So what are you waiting for?

It’s your choice to choose your career and activities that only confirms you are educated and modern.

Contact me directly via form below. I will respond quick.

Regards!!! Shailesh


About Shailesh

Blogger, Developer, Web Designer and Social Media Enthusiast.
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3 Responses to Shailesh Welcomes You

  1. Shailesh says:

    Thanks Iyswarya!

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